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Emergency Medical Dispatch - Presentations

Emergency Medical Dispatch Session
Presentations at the 8th Scientific Congress of the European Resuscitation Council, May 10-13, 2006, Stavanger, Norway

Session chaired by Freddy Lippert, Medical Director of Pre-hospital Care and Emergency Medicine in Copenhagen Hospital Corporation, and Fiona Moore

Emergency Medical Dispatch. Introduction
Freddy Lippert, Denmark
download [pdf-file, 1 mb]

Literature on Medical Dispatch
Maaret Castren, Finland
download [pdf-file, 152 kb]

Benchmarking EMS-reponse - What Are the Challenges in Medical Dispatch?
Jerry Overton, US
download [pdf-file, 2,9 mb]

How is Dispatch Organized in Europe?
Thomas Krafft, Germany
download [pdf-file, 1,9 mb]

Knowing we do it well - what is EMS accreditation?
Scott Altmann, US
download [pdf-file, 902 kb]

The New Utstein Recommendation on Emergency Medical Dispatch
R. Kooster, Nederlands
download [pdf-file, 668 kb]

EMS - the Gatekeeper of Emergency Care
Iain Robertson Steel, UK
download [pdf-file, 647 kb]