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The European Emergency Data - Research Network

is an expert network of European health researchers, clinicians, emergency physicians, emergency medical service professionals and health authority officials formed in 1996. The EED Research Network aims at comparing EMS systems internationally, defining best practice and standard procedures, developing monitoring, surveillance and early warning concepts based on emergency medical data. Experts from 19 European countries and North America are represented.

Currently running research project: SIDARTHa




Presentation: "Developing a universal benchmark tool and common performance reporting standards for European emergency medical dispatch (EMD) centres" at 2014 European Congress on Emergency Medicine (EUSEM), 29 September 2014, 14:00 h Amsterdam/Netherlands (Session G22 - Pre-hospital EM - Lightning)



Workshop: "Use of syndromic surveillance for crisis preparedness" at World Congress for Disaster and Emergency Medicine (WCDEM), 30 May 2013, Manchester/United Kingdom (organized by EED-Network, SIDARTHa consortium, and International Academies of Emergency Dispatch)



Publication: Fischer M, Kamp J, Garcia-Castrillo Riesgo L, Robertson-Steel I, Overton J, Ziemann A, Krafft T: Comparing Emergency Medical Service Systems - a Project of the European Emergency Data (EED) Project. In: Resuscitation 82(3): 285-293.



Presentation: Krafft T, for the EED-Network: Notfalldaten: Leistungsanalyse, Qualitätsmanagement, Public Health Informationen [Emergency Data: Performance Analysis, Qualitymanagement, Public Health Information]. Rettungsforum Schweiz, 22 April 2010 in Lugano, Switzerland. Download (pdf 5,23 MB)